People Will Often Ask, Periodontists – What Do They Do?

People will often ask, periodontists – what do they do? A periodontist, just like your regular dentist, makes a living by helping you to care for your teeth. This is a very important specialty in the dental field, which requires extensive schooling.

After it is recommended by your regular dentist that you see a periodontist, you will have a visit scheduled for a somewhat usual teeth cleaning. During this visit the periodontist, with the aid of his dental hygienist, will use this cleaning as an opportunity to see how much plaque is able to be removed. During this visit you will also be instructed on the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Scaling is a procedure which will likely also be used at this time is an attempt to eliminate any pockets and remove more stubborn plaque. If you have caught this gum disease in it’s early stages, this may be enough along with good dental habits, in order to prevent a bigger problem.

Gum disease which is further progressed, may require that your periodontist perform surgery. Performing surgery for this purpose as well as others pertaining to dental needs is not at all uncommon for your periodontist. They regularly perform surgeries which include the removal of gum tissue, jaw realignment and quite a few others. In fact this is the predominant purpose of his or her job.

Your periodontist will instruct you in the best means of caring for your teeth. Their goal is to help you to achieve the best dental health which is available. It is in your best interest to follow all of his or her advice and direction regarding dental health and hygiene. This will help you to keep your gums and teeth healthy and looking great.